Alliance Corporation has partnered with industry-leading vendors to bring you a complete wireless solution for businesses.

We will help you design a wireless network and supply you with everything you need from the wireless routers and bridges to the cable, antennas and towers.

Some of the challenges that our customers have solved using broadband wireless networks include:

  • Private network connections between multiple buildings.
  • Wireless network to connect various plants together in the wireless industry.
  • Backup network connections to a data storage facility.

Commercial Broadband Solutions standardizes on Siklu for point-to-point wireless Ethernet

Siklu Delivers High Capacity Millimeter Wave Radio Links with Reliable Performance, Speedy Deployment, and Low CostChallenge: Need a building-to-building high-capacity wireless solution with low...
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Towerstream chooses Siklu gigabit wireless backhaul for fixed wireless

Siklu Delivering Robust Performance, Superior Throughput in Dense Urban DeploymentsChallenge: Need high throughput, highly reliable wireless backhaulSolution: Siklu's EtherHaul-1200F Gigabit E-Band...
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