Alliance Corporation has partnered with industry-leading vendors to bring you a complete wireless solution for the transportation industry.

We will help you design a wireless network and supply you with everything you need from the wireless routers and bridges to the cable, antennas and towers.

Not only have we chosen the best products, we work with the best wireless specialists, companies that will work with you to design and build your wireless network if you need it.

Some of the challenges that our customers have solved using broadband wireless networks include:

  • Traffic management and traffic monitoring
  • Automated parking meter management
  • Public transit vehicle management and dispatch systems

DragonWave solution improves the Capacity and Reliability of Critical Public Transit Systems

ChallengeAs the fastest growing urban center in Canada, the City of Toronto’s population has grown from 1.1 million to 5.1 million since the TTC was initially established. Over this time, the TTC...
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Wireless Connectivity brought to Caltrain trains (Redline)

RedCONNEX™ Delivers Wireless Connectivity to CaltrainThe ChallengeCaltrain needed a reliable, robust wireless broadband link that would connect its trains as they traveled between the Millbrae and...
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